A tiny seed of astray grows into your heart,  silently blooming  spreading  into your soul.

Warming you up with tingling colorful sensations. Making  you feel lost into sweet madness!

Out of breath…you look around and realize that you have been in a dormant state of mind for so long…

You become full aware that darkness and light are so instinctively dense. Holding hands, remarkable smiling at each other like long time lovers.

You intuitively, instinctively, surrender to the chaos of the existence, that

Is Alchemy… ūüćĀ



Lost in Thoughts 

Sometimes I wonder… 

Life is indeed so much more 

then our own existence

To breath

To fell 

To absorb 

To reflect

To give

Get out of your 

Comfort zone 

Look outside the window… 




some are important things 

some are not important 

The way we see things 

is a reflection of how we feel things 

When we look to figure out things

we want to understand them

so we can embrace or not 

Then things happen 

good things or bad things 

We learn how to cope with things

Some things we love 

same things we do not  

All those things that make

us think about it 

Because at the end of the day 

things prevail

to hold on to things…

¬©AndreiaAnnie ~photography 







The Falling One

My silence is sheterred 

Into a million years 

I am a black bird 

With broken soul 

I fly into the dark night 

And into storms 

And lighting feeds

My black soul

My path is not clear 

And never will be

It doesn’t matter 

I will find my solace and

I shall cross 

The tunnel of light 

¬©AndreiaAnnie photography 


Lost paintbrushes 

in a white canvas 

That is whom I am

An unique creation

of  a realm  art

A surreal experience… 

©AndreiaAnnie photography

 Van Gogh’s Starry Night 



The days change

The months change

The years change

So do we...

The weather change

The seasons change

So do we...

Physical changes

Emotional changes

Mind changes

We change...







In the Box

Blue stars above,  

sparkling constellation of eyes

Contemplating blurry  souls 

and their desire to fly

From their miserable lives 

Locked inside themselves 

In vacant shells and bones 

Breathing lifeless, surviving, 

drifting  in their lonely 

empty box…¬†

©AndreiaAnnie photography 


Love can be light or dark shades

Can fulfill or shattered you

Vulnerable, controversial feeling,

intuitive, and tormenting…

Love should not be foggy

Love should not hurt

It should prevail

Into sweet different voices…



©AndreiaAnnie photography


One day…

people will look

not the color of the skin

or gender,

but the soul

that we carry


©AndreiaAnnie photography



What is time? 

If not a human conceptualization to measure life…¬†

Don’t attach yourself to much to that word¬†

Used wisely or

you shall run out of time…¬†

©AndreiaAnnie photography

My Blue Bird 

Blue bird

Wings wild open

Time to fly by

Through the world

Flying into this 

harsh reality

Dreaming, hoping for

mundane adventuress 

Blue bird 

Breathing courageously 

Inside my chest 

Don’t be afraid to fly

I am in love with you…¬†

©AndreiaAnnie photography